We asked our interviewees: “Would you purchase a Coach product? Why?”

We found that the younger interviewees (the female and male in their 20s) value the terminal/higher-order values of “feel good” and “reflection of personality and character” more than the older subjects. The female interviewee in her 20s indicated that she would not purchase a Coach bag because “the brand does not speak to her” and she “does not want to associate herself with the brand” (she is “self-conscious”) since “on the streets a lot of people who carry Coach bags are aunties”. She also reported that she “wants to feel good carrying a bag and Coach doesn’t fit that aspect”.

The male interviewee indicated that he would purchase a Coach product “provided that the design is nice”. The latter is important to him because the design “must suit his character”. These findings are in tandem with our exploratory study findings (similar demographics of participants) that our users are image conscious; they are generally concerned with their looks and making sure that they look their best in front of others.

In contrast, the more mature (female interviewees in their 30s and 40s) subjects are much more concerned with just brand performance aspects of pricing (affordability). The female interviewee in her 40s felt that Coach’s “designs are comparable to the high-end brands at a more affordable price”.



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