CBBE Pyramid

Brand Awareness The depth of brand awareness for Coach was moderate across both its product categories, handbags and accessories (consisting of wallets, wristlets, cosmetic cases, card cases, scarves etc), as top-of-the-mind recall was not particulary strong for the brand. The breadth of brand awareness is weak across both product categories, handbags and accessories, as consumers generally do not consider Coach when purchasing handbags or accessories.

Brand Recognition Coach enjoys a high brand recognition.

Brand Performance The foundation of Coach is its commitment to quality leather. Coach uses only the finest leather, and soft, tumbled calfskin, smooth cowhide and gently tumbled fine-grain leather is used for its products. This commitment to quality proves the products’ authencity. Coach’s strong image as an affordable luxury product brand has allowed it to capture a larger market share. It has a product team which designs new products frequently, allowing continuous expansion and diversification of its product line. The prices of Coach’s products are relatively affordable. It also has a higher-end range which cater to affluent customers, allowing it to stand against luxury brands such as Prada and Chanel in the price segment. Coach is also said to provide excellent customer service.

Brand Imagery Coach was established more than 50 years ago and has a strong brand story. Coach’s similar layout of stores allows customers to feel a sense of familiarity and ease of purchase in any store they visit. The models in its advertisements portray sophistication and elegance. In particular, Coach uses endorsements, such as Gwynneth Paltrow and Emma Watson, to showcase these qualities. Due to its affordability, Coach appeals to middle class customers. Even though it has a men’s catalog, it has a strong feminine association due to the wider range of products for women. However, it is noted that in the younger target market, it is associated with being old-fashioned and “aunty”. The opening of Johor Premium Outlets has encouraged the rise of counterfeit goods. As these outlets are only 30km away from Singapore, Singaporeans cross the causeway to buy these “close-to-original” products. This helps individuals who are on a budget follow the trend, and poses a serious problem to the sale of authentic Coach products.

Brand Knowledge

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