Points of Difference

Product Quality

Coach puts a great amount of focus on product quality; it only uses extremely high-grade leather and its products are manufactured through stringent standards. Customers can be rest assured that the Coach products that they have purchased are of excellent quality and made to last throughout the natural life of the products.

Coach rejects ten percent of the leather used during the manufacturing process; these leathers do not meet the required standards in terms of leather grain, the colour or the texture.  By industry standards, ten percent is considered to be an exceedingly high rejection rate on leather. Coach thus does not compromise on the quality of the materials used to ensure that the products manufactured are of the best quality.

It is notable that Coach offers life-time guarantee for many of its products. For customers residing in the United States and Canada, they are only required to pay twenty dollars for the shipment fee to get their products repaired. If a particular product is beyond repair, significant discount would be offered for the next Coach purchase.

Michael Kors and Kate Spade do provide quality products, however they are not well known for it, unlike Coach. Product quality is part of Coach’s major selling point, whereas Michael Kors and Kate Spade are more focused on the designs and styles of their products.

Excellent Customer Service

Coach boosts a pool of well-trained and knowledgeable sales personnel to provide impeccable service to customers.  Indeed, upon entering a Coach store, one would find Coach frontline personnel well groomed and prepared to provide any assistance needed.

At Coach, it is believed that service drives sales engine and power customer experience. It prides itself for only hiring and developing the best people to their full potential. Training is being provided to employees from all levels to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle their allocated tasks. For instance, at the store level, frontline personnel are not allowed to interact with customers until they have completed the basic training. All these preparations are done to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Coach had engaged AchieveGlobal, a customer service training company, to develop a comprehensive training for staff in order to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience.  AchieveGlobal designed a program in which the first phase of the solution included certification of 60 multi-level managers in two customized leadership programs. In turn, these managers delivered programs to 400 Coach store managers at a store manager conference. The program proved successful and new stores opened with leaders trained in place.


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