Points of Parity

Affordable Luxury

All the three brands belong to the Luxury apparel and accessories industry yet they remain relatively affordable in comparison to other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada, as mentioned earlier. “Affordable luxury” is a term coined to describe brands which offer a considerable level of social status and prestige and yet they remain affordable for the middle-income group. Coach is a luxury brand that allows customers to enjoy the perks of owning a “branded” product that does not carry an exorbitant price tag.

 The prices for bags across the three brands typically range from USD200 to USD700. Some of the bags may cost more, depending on the materials used.

Distribution Channels

Generally, all the three brands have a multi-channel distribution strategy which consists of the following:

– Physical storefronts

– Online store

– Selected departmental stores

Customarily, the brands do not offer shipping services outside of the United States and Canada, however Coach and Michael Kors provide an alternative hotline in which customers who reside outside the United States and Canada can call to place orders and make the necessary arrangements. It is notable that Coach has created a Singapore website specially for the  Singapore market, a thoughtful gesture that not only allows the brand to connect and reach out to local customers, but also make the latter feel valued and appreciated.

 A Well Mix of Classic and Trendy Products

Coach offers various collections to cater to different customers. In terms of handbags, the “Coach Classic” collection is for customers who enjoy timeless pieces that never goes out of style. For customers who are looking for modern, trendier pieces, Coach has introduced the updated “Legacy” collection which features edgier bags in striking colors. Having established in 1941, Coach has introduced many classic bags over the years such at the monogram collection that is still available currently.

The handbags that Kate Spade and Michael Kors offer usually follow the latest trends to newest fashions. However, as both brands are much younger compared to Coach, (Michael Kors was established in 1981 and Kate Spade was established in 1993), rather than offering classics, they each have their own signatures that are instantly recognizable.

Not forgetting the male customers, Coach also boasts a men’s line (Legacy Men’s) that features stylish products for the male counterparts. The designs are simplistic yet trendy which make excellent timeless pieces.  Michael Kors likewise offers accessories for the male customers though it does not have a distinct collection or line.  For Kate Spade, a separate brand, Jack Spade, was created to cater to the needs of the male customers.

American Brands

These three brands are all American; they exude a distinct American style, specificially New York Manhattan chic,  that is instantly appealing and attractive to the local customers. Local customers tend to view international brands as being better and offering higher levels of social status and prestige over local or Asian brands. As Singapore is rather westernized, the style and attitude exuded by the three brands also resonate well with the locals.


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