Global Business Strategy

Coach seeks to be the leading brand of quality lifestyle accessories offering classic, modern American styling. Coach attributes its success to the unique combination of their original American attitude and design, heritage of fine leather goods and custom fabrics, superior product quality, durability and their commitment to customer service. Also, Coach maintains the highest standards for materials and workmanship. Its work force remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that define the company.

Coach’s strategy is grounded in the following values:

The Brand

The Coach brand represents a unique combination of magic and logic that stands for quality, authenticity, value and a truly aspirational, distinctive American style. Everything Coach makes, advocates or engages in reflects its brand.

Customer Satisfaction

Coach provides its internal and external customers with excellent service and ensures that their needs are always met. Coach seeks to establish long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.


Coach’s commitment to honesty and fairness with regards to its people, business and community has contributed to its success. Coach stands behind its products, staking its name and reputation on everything that it makes.


Coach constantly challenges itself to be the very best it can in every aspect of its business and strives to be a nimble and flexible organization committed to increasing consumer and shareholder value.


The strong, collaborative people in a dynamic culture of mutual respect, support and passion for the Coach brand and product have led to its success.

Distribution Strategy 

Coach has a multi-channel distribution strategy. As of June 30, 2012, there are more than 500 Coach stores in the United States and Canada, and over 300 directly-operated locations in Japan, China, Singapore and Taiwan, with more retail locations in Malaysia and South Korea acquired in July and August, 2012. Coach has also built a strong presence globally through boutiques located within select department stores and specialty retailer locations in North America, and through distributor-operated shops in Asia, Europe and Latin America. In 1999, Coach launched its on-line store at and currently offers its products on-line in the U.S., Canada and Japan, with informational websites in 20 other countries (including Singapore).

About Coach

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