The Heritage

1941: Coach was founded in Manhattan, New York City, as a men’s leather goods company by a man with a passion for baseball. Inspired by a well-worn baseball glove, he perfected the Glove Tanned Cowhide that became the foundation of Coach’s collections. Coach started out as a family-run workshop, with only six artisans who handcrafted a collection of leather goods using skills handed down from generation to generation.

1959: Coach premieres the horse-and-carriage logo.

1961: Fashion designer Bonnie Cashin joins Coach as its first Creative Director.

1962: Bonnie Cashin’s first collection, Cashin-Carry, makes its debut.

1964: Bonnie Cashin was inspired to put the first Coach turnlock on handbags by the toggle securing the roof of her convertible car. The turnlock is now one of the iconic pieces of hardware in Coach’s collections.

1979: Chairman and CEO Lew Frankfort joins Coach as Vice President of New Business Development.

1981: Coach opens its first store, a 450-square-foot New York flagship on Madison Avenue at 64th Street.

                                                        About Coach

1996: President and Executive Creative Director Reed Krakoff joins Coach.

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