Segment Analysis

Based on our findings, we realised that there were segmental differences between the different demographics. Our analysis led us to the following findings:

Customer Segments

Schooling Females

Working Females


Do you currently own any Coach products?

Majority of the schooling females own Coach products.

Similar to schooling females, most of the working females own a Coach product. Compared to the female counterparts, significantly less males own a Coach product.
What do you like most about Coach’s products?  Schooling females like the price of the Coach products the most.Other preferred attributes include:

  • Design
  • Versatility
  • Quality
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
Price is also the attribute that working females like most about Coach. They also like the following about Coach:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Versatility
  • Material
  • After-sales service
The attributes that the male respondents like most about Coach’s products are:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Brand
What do you like about Coach as a brand?  Majority of the schooling females does not like anything about Coach as a brand. For the rest, they like the brand reputation the most, followed by

  • Brand image
  • Brand popularity
  • Brand as reflection of the personality
  • Brand values
  • Brand endorsement


Similarly, most of the working females like nothing about Coach as a brand. The remaining respondents like brand image and brand popularity the best.   Some also like brand reputation and brand endorsement. Likewise, most of the male respondents have nothing to like about Coach as a brand.  The rest who do like, like brand popularity, brand image, brand endorsement and brand as a reflection of the personality.
What do you think is unique about Coach?  The schooling females thought that some unique points of Coach was that it was affordable, of high quality, its impressive in store service as well as its presence worldwide. The working females appreciated Coach’s unique monogram products, classic leather goods, variation of designs and durability. A significant proportion of males indicated that to them, there was nothing really unique about Coach, besides that it was a luxury good. One also mentioned that its logo was unique. Aside from these, there seemed to be no unique associations about Coach in our male audience’s minds.
What are some of the things that you think can be changed about Coach? Many people in this category thought that Coach could have more focus on targeting the younger crowd, and change bring their brand image away from their “auntie” image. They also thought that Coach should have a wider variety of handbags and wristlets. Similar to the schooling females, the working females also think that Coach designs cater more towards the older generation. Some also indicated that current designs look very similar to each other, and should have more variations in their designs. Many respondents stated that they Coach should come up with more trendy designs. Most of our male respondents thought that Coach should move away from their monogram designs, brand image that Coach is more of a feminine brand, and its color. Some also felt that Coach should work on their pricing strategy in Singapore, as Coach can be bought at much cheaper prices elsewhere.
Which of the following best describes your relationship with Coach? Majority of schooling females share a casual friendship with Coach. This is in line with the fact that they listed other brands when asked what brands of luxury products would you purchase. (e.g. Kate Spade, Prada, Chanel etc) Majority of working females see Coach as a fling. They are not loyal to the brand and very seldom buy Coach products. Majority of males have a casual friendship with Coach. This means that they are not loyal to the brand and do not have emotional attachment with it.
What are your reasons for purchasing Coach handbags/accessories?  The top 3 choices why schooling females purchase Coach products:1)   As gifts for family and friends

2)   Investment in quality products

3)   To reward yourself

Majority of working females buy Coach products to reward themselves, or as a feel good factor. Majority of males purchase Coach products as gifts for family and friends. There is an equal distribution among the rest of the choices.
To what extent would you associate these feelings about Coach?  Majority of schooling females associate “Satisfaction” with Coach and gave this feeling a high rating. Their satisfaction is probably derived from the fact that they are able to purchase luxury products at an affordable price. Most of the responses included “Satisfaction” and “Warmth”. The satisfaction derived could be due to the same reason as that with schooling females. Majority of males associate “Happiness” with Coach. However, overall, the ratings for all the feelings are very low. This shows that males do not relate to any of the 5 feelings when describing how they feel with Coach.
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