Coach Brand Experience

Store Layout & Design

At present, the store layouts and designs of Coach boutiques in Singapore are just very typical with white walls, a Coach logo at the reception, and racks showcasing Coach’s products.

To gear the brand to be in line with our  new brand purpose, “Because everyone deserves a piece of Manhattan”, we intend to create change and entitle customers who visit our boutiques with a new brand experience. In essence, we want customers to feel like they are shopping in Manhattan when they visit our stores. To do so, the walls of every Coach store will be decorated with portraits of Manhattan as well as the brand story so as to exemplify Coach’s heritage.

Examples of portraits to be shown in the Coach stores:

In addition to that, we want to create a certain level of exclusivity for Coach’s flagship store in Wisma Atria. To achieve that, we will create a space in the shop to specially showcase life-sized classic items representative of Coach’s heritage, for instance our baseball gloves, samples of leather that we use in our production process, our embossing plates etc.

Last but not least, specially selected songs that have been written about Manhattan will be played in the stores so as to complete the Manhattan vibe that we want to achieve when customers visit our boutiques.

Store Displays

During our store visits, we realized that the store displays for Coach across all stores were not standardized. To standardize the brand image, we aim to have consistency of the store displays across all Coach outlets. There should be a main theme (main display) as well as a sub-theme. The main theme would showcase the collections that Coach  currently wants to focus on generating awareness about, for example the latest Legacy Collection. As such, the main theme for shop displays across all Coach outlets would be based on the Legacy Collection. A certain amount of space could then be set aside to showcase a sub-theme, which, for instance, might consist of Coach’s classic products.

In-Store Customization Service

To make our valued customers feel more exclusive, we intend to roll out a customization service that allows customers to customize their Coach products. This customization service is available both in-store as well as online (as will be mentioned in the Coach Singapore E-store tab).Customers who have the intention to customize a Coach bag might be interested to view the actual product after viewing it online on our website. Across all Coach stores, customizable parts of the bag will be shown and customers will be able to mix-and-match the different parts according to their own tastes and preferences.

Customer Service

To further improve the customer service levels at Coach stores, we will integrate technology into our customer service concept by giving each of the service staff an iPad each. These iPads will contain the Coach Singapore’s product catalogue, and when customers have any doubts or enquiries, the service staff can use the iPads to assist them in finding the exact item(s) that they want.

For customization services:

Moreover, the iPad will also serve as an internal communication material within the organization. It will encompass the brand book, covering everything that a service staff needs to know about Coach and the active role he or she can play in making change for the customers.

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