Coach Brand Story Video

The communication of its brand story to the public and most importantly, its target audience, is definitely an area which Coach can improve on.  As analyzed in Assignment 4, one of the strategic gaps that Coach is facing is that our target audience is unable to fully understand the meaning of the Coach brand. Thus, Coach can create a brand story video to bring across the message of our core values to them.

As we are specifically focusing our strategies on the Singapore market and Singapore is in Asia, we have decided to leverage on Coach’s newest Asia brand ambassador , Wang Leehom. Leehom is an American-born, Taiwanese singer-songwriter. We agree that Leehom is the perfect Asian ambassador for Coach as he is modern and is a true artist who is an aspirational figure to many. More importantly, he represents a fusion between the East and the West, thereby complementing Coach’s position in the Asian market.

Through this  brand story video, we would like to bring out the modern spirit of the Coach brand and the theme of “chasing dreams” while showcasing the beauty of Manhattan, which is the place of origin of the Coach brand.  The storyline is of a musician, starred by Leehom, who is chasing his dreams in Manhattan. The audience will be brought through the process of how this young and budding musician works hard to fulfill his dreams and finally achieves them. This journey of achieving a dream will not only signify the hard work and effort put into every Coach item so as to achieve its high quality, but also the heritage and success of the Coach brand. The video will of course, showcase Coach items.

Here are snippets of the brand story video:

1) “Chase your dreams” against the Manhattan skyline

2) Leehom as a budding musician chasing his dreams

3) Leehom as a budding musician chasing his dreams (showcasing Coach items)

We will showcase this video on our local Coach website, Facebook, and our official Coach, Inc. YouTube channel. This video can also be presented as a television commercial to reach out to the masses beyond our target audience. If successful, there can be more of such videos revolving around the same theme of “Chasing Dreams” produced in subsequent years, featuring different brand ambassadors and shown in other parts of Asia. Another brand story video created for the female segment will also be made so that the female audiences can relate more to the brand story and products shown.

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