Digital Platforms

The key objective of our digital platforms is to increase customer engagement with our target audience and ultimately, build brand resonance. We have in mind the following ways to achieve this.

1. COACHSG Instagram

With Instagram’s remarkable growth of more than 400% this year and it being an apt platform to display photos of Coach’s products and to highlight its brand identity, we propose for Coach to start a local Instagram account.


To increase engagement through this medium, Coach could start an “outfit of the day” monthly contest with a theme specified each month. Followers would be encouraged to post photos of their daily outfits with Coach products, tagged with #coachsg. The winner would receive a small Coach accessory and be featured on Coach’s Facebook page. Here’s an example of a theme:

An example of an entry for this contest would be:

With this hashtag, consumers can easily search #coachsg to view the brand’s product offerings as well. Instagram would hence serve as an alternative to the traditional product catalogue.


To highlight Coach’s new tagline, Timeless Manhattan Chic, Coach could share photos from its fashion events or snapshots of New York on their Instagram. This would help communicate Coach’s brand meaning and unique associations as well.

Since majority of Instagram users are young, Coach Singapore’s Instagram will help to shift Coach’s “auntie” image to a younger and chic image. Furthermore, with these younger users posting photos of themselves using Coach products, this would highlight feelings of social approval and fun.

2. Coach Singapore’s Facebook & Twitter Account

Coach currently has three official Facebook pages – Coach, Coach Men and Coach Japan. A search for Coach Singapore on Facebook led us to pages offering authentic Coach bags and accessories at a discount. Also, we noticed that the pages mainly sell products from the signature monogram collection.

While Coach may not have control over the resale of its products, these pages dilutes Coach’s luxury image. Also, there is a high chance that a potential consumer who is interested in finding out more about Coach’s offerings in Singapore would be led to these discount sites instead. Hence, we strongly suggest that Coach Singapore has its own Facebook page and to build its presence on this medium.

More Intimate Engagement

As Coach’s Facebook and Twitter pages caters to consumers from all over the world (with the exception of Japan), comments and posts by consumers are often an overwhelming number. While there is occasional engagement between fans, there is little engagement between the brand and consumers as it is probably difficult for the page administrator to respond to the huge number of comments or queries. Hence, our group proposes that Coach starts a Facebook page and Twitter account just for the Singapore community, as shown below. This would allow for more intimate interaction and engagement between Coach and consumers in Singapore.

Also, to raise awareness about Coach For Men and to communicate that Coach is not predominantly for females, we suggest that Coach starts a Facebook page specifically for males in Singapore.

Tie-in With Instagram Contest

As research reveals that Facebook is the number one driver of traffic to Instagram, we propose that Coach integrates its Instagram monthly contests with its Facebook page. Coach could first select the top three contestants each month, then create a poll on the Facebook page to ask fans to vote for the winner. 

In this way, Coach’s local social networks will increase engagement with the Coach community and build a stronger relationship with its consumers.

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