Global Perspective

Universal Truth & Brand Purpose

In alignment with our universal truth and brand purpose, the main theme behind our proposed print advertising campaign is “Because everyone deserves a piece of Manhattan”.

The inspirations behind the advertisement design are from pictures of style bloggers who are carrying products (Coach Classic Leather Shoulder Purse) from the Coach Legacy Collection and have been featured on Coach’s Facebook page, and the Sartorialist ( for Coach project/ digital collaboration. In the latter, Coach enlisted veteran street style photographer and the person behind the The Sartorialist blog (widely acclaimed blog that is renowned for having pioneered street style photography), Scott Schuman, to shoot some of his favourite New Yorkers carrying bags from the Coach Legacy Collection.

Our advertising campaign aims to depict a range of different personalities with different takes on “being stylish” and interpretations of what “being stylish” means to them, against a backdrop of different scenes/places in Manhattan, New York. Therefore, through it, we hope to bring across the message that chic (or “being stylish”) is a universal truth – everyone seeks to be chic in their own ways, and that the heart of all these action lies in Manhattan, New York, one of the most exciting and fashionable cities to live and be seen in (thereby igniting feelings of fun, excitement, and social approval). It then follows necessarily that “everyone deserves a piece of Manhattan”.

In Singapore, we plan to have this advertising campaign printed out in the form of catalogues to be distributed simultaneously at all the Coach outlets and together with leading, reputable fashion magazine publications like Female, Her World, Elle, Style, and Harper’s Bazaar, to gain widespread awareness in the form of both brand recognition and brand recall.

Total Brand Experience

Consumers will now experience Coach via new and improved touch points.

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