Assignment 2: Part 2

In assignment 2A, we found out the relationships and values our participants associated with Coach. Based on the insights that we garnered from our previous assignment, we then proceeded to craft our survey questions for Assignment 2B to further analyse the perceptions consumers had of Coach. We did this by looking into and focusing on the associations, attributes, judgments, feelings and relationships that consumers had with Coach, according to the Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid. In addition, our survey also sought to find out the different customer segments and how each segment relates to the brand.    

We carried out our quantitative research via an online survey of 84 people, with the objective of gaining insights into:

1)      Consumers’ attitudes and consumption patterns towards luxury handbags and accessories as a whole;

2)      Consumers’ current perceptions and attitudes towards Coach, hence Coach’s brand image in Singapore; as well as

3)      Consumers’ current perceptions of Coach as compared to its competitors

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