Our Coach Brand Experience

Our group set out to visit most of the Coach outlets island-wide to investigate the actual shopping experience at Coach outlets. We were basically doing a re-enactment of our mystery shopping class, but we had several aspects that we were specifically looking out for.

Here is a summary of our Coach brand experience:

One thing our group felt that was lacking from Coach stores was its lack of consistency in the store display. It seemed to us that each store was having its own ideas on what collection of products they should focus on rather than a coordinated one, throughout all Coach stores in Singapore. Though our group understands that in the fashion industry, store layouts are constantly changed; but we think that Coach should have consistency in their branding strategy.A great observation we had was that all Coach stores were generally consistent. That in our opinion, was good as it is not only very much in line with Coach’s values, but is also a crucial touch point to communicate with the customers.

Next, we noticed that the people visiting the stores were usually middle-aged people, and a noticeable amount of them were tourists. They were typically casually dressed, but one thing we noticed was that many of the ladies were carrying monogram bags from various luxury brands. Ambience was consistent in most stores stores – excellent lighting and upbeat music. However, we noticed that this was not present in both Isetan Scotts and Takashimaya; they seem to have less focus on the entire sensory experience in departmental stores as compared to the other Coach outlets.

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