Coach Singapore E-Store

Although Coach has a website catered for the Singapore market (, we feel that the current content is very minimal (limited coverage of collections, store locator etc). In light of Singaporeans’ fervour enthusiasm for online shopping, we propose that Coach starts an e-store on the Singapore website. It is important that Coach’s e-store should be optimized for mobile and tablet devices as well, since the mobile commerce market is expected to grow ten-fold by 2015, an indication that shopping on mobile devices has become mainstream, according to a Nielsen study.

We recommend that Coach Singapore adopts the similar e-store concept and layout of its existing e-store that is catered to U.S. and Canada consumers in order to maintain consistency in its brand image. This means that Coach Singapore e-store website would feature content such as:

1) Collections and Product Catalogue

2) Top Local Fashion Bloggers and their Customized Handbags

3) Customization Services

4) Online Exclusives

5) Gift Suggestions

In addition, some of the existing content (“Spotted”) that is displayed in the current Coach Singapore website has to be tweaked to reflect the local culture. Hence, instead of featuring international celebrities carrying Coach merchandise, the new content would showcase local celebrities/fashion bloggers and stylish people on the streets with their Coach products. Lastly, we recommend that Coach Singapore e-store should have a “live chat” dialogue box which would appear in the page of which a visitor could choose to chat online with a dedicated customer service representative regarding any inquiries he or she may have. This would greatly help to enhance customer engagement and improve overall website experience.

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